Why G.I.F.T. ?

G.I.F.T. stands for Green Industry Funded Training. G.I.F.T. is about helping minorities become licensed in the Cannabis Industry in the State of Massachusetts. G.I.F.T. is part of a vision of the founder, Leah Daniels who understands that it takes much more to go through the licensing process and make your business profitable. G.I.F.T. is a way to address this for businesses looking to be licensed in the State of Massachusetts in the Cannabis Industry.

Black Americans represent 1.7% of ALL cannabis business owners

G.I.F.T. Goals

The goal of the G.I.F.T. Program is to uplift communities disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs and prohibition through mentorship and community building.

“Priority” review for certified economic empowerment applicants on its own is not enough to fast track licensing and commence operations for minority-owned business.

Businesses require funding, mentorship, and training to successfully launch and expand.  As a result of these unmet needs and growing gaps in the state’s “equity” plan birthed G.I.F.T.: a non-profit program and solution to equity and inclusion in the cannabis industry.

About the G.I.F.T. Program

The GIFT Program facilitates mentorship and resource allocation primarily to small minority-owned businesses located in Massachusetts who are seeking licensing in Cannabis retail, cultivation, manufacturing, delivery, and social consumption. 

The program is facilitating integral conversations between existing multi-state operators, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. By facilitating these conversations, GIFT aims to address the damage inflicted by the war on drugs and marijuana prohibition and collaborate with our community to create a more just industry. 

Who the G.I.F.T. Program is for :

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, , veterans+, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and individuals with disabilities, are mentored and trained by existing cannabis businesses to begin building and operating their own ventures in the industry.

Alchemy League is the first mentee of GIFT’s pilot program with Revolutionary Clinics as the first mentor. Revolutionary Clinics has opened up their stores in Somerville and Cambridge to Alchemy League staff to provide training and technical assistance for managing a vertically integrated medical facility.

Alchemy League is also the first economic empowerment business in Massachusetts to obtain both its recreational and medical cannabis retail licenses. Thanks to all of Alchemy League’s mentors – businesses, consultants, and freelancers alike –  the company is on track to not only open our recreational cannabis retail storefront but also our delivery courier service, UNOK’D, this fall of 2021. 

Alchemy League will provide high-quality cannabis, CBD, and locally made/sourced wellness products. Alchemy’s goal is to create an environment where customers will feel welcomed by a diverse staff who can offer genuine and sound guidance to answer any and all questions. 

Alchemy League will also provide a series of educational workshops and programming with the goal of de-stigmatizing cannabis usage. “The Mis-Education of Cannabis” Program will be offered in-person and online to provide education and support to those struggling with addiction and pain management who might benefit from learning about the benefits and uses of cannabis.

How G.I.F.T. Works

Students are guided through the CCC’s application process and offered support with legal matters, real estate acquisition, standards of operations, and other key facets of cannabis business development.

After mentees graduate from G.I.F.T., they return to mentor and fund the next cohort of students, paying it forward and building upon the network of support and resources.

10-15 Mentors participate at a given time, each mentoring 1-2 individuals. Mentees receive individualized attention and support to increase their chances for success.

Training slots will be created based on the needs of Mentors, including cultivation, cannabis construction (retrofitting buildings to improve energy efficiency), retail, security camera and alarm installation, manufacturing, and other occupations as identified by Mentors.

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